Quality education leads to  quality life. Our commitment to this belief has resulted in establishing HKDET’S Rajarajeshwari Ayurvedic Medical College and Hospital Humnabad  in a HKDET Campus spread over 50 acres of land situated in Rajarajeshwari Nagar, Near Sindenkera Cross  within the radius of Two kilometers from main Bus stand and Railway Station Humnabad.

Our main objectives are to create a shift from 

  • Illness to Wellness…..
  • Pain to Pleasure….
  • Worry to Wisdom….

        We have well equipped multi-speciality hospital, innovative teaching methodologies and culture of research, clubbed with blissful doctors who treats the patients with less invasive medicines and also awakens the body to heal mind and soul…… which plays a major role in regaining total body-mind-soul and holistic health. The net result is a health seeker becomes physically fit and agile, mentally calm and creative emotionally balanced and productive.

         We have innate desire to serve the society by treating those who are suffering with pain, as everybody is aware that suffering is optional; when we raise our will power and self confidence, the boon associated with every disease becomes obvious.