DR. BASAVARAJ DEVAPPAGOUDA NADAGOUDA.                              BAMS MD (AYU)                                                                                           EX – ASSISTANT REGISTRAR AND ACADEMIC COUNCIL         MEMBER                                                                                                              PROFESSOR (DRAVYAGUNA DEPT)



  • Ayurveda is a Science of Life. The Aim is not only to cure the disease but also to prevent the disease.  There are many disease’s which can be prevented by many interventions as per the Ayurvedic classics and certainly  there are miraculous cures for many conditions. 
  • At RRAMCH we strive hard with our experienced faculty to treat the ailing patients and teach them about the preventive aspects. 
  •  We as a family of RRAMCH take pride in treating many difficult cases, to keep an update. We ask the faculty to update themselves by attending CME’s, Re-orientation Training programs, Training  for teacher Programmes and do publications regularly in Indexed journals.
  • We preach the students what we practice and inculcate quality education along with discipline , Integrity and Unity in Diversity. We encourage not only in curricular activities but also extracurricular activities which will arm them to face any challenges in Preaching, Practice and Perseverance  of Ayurveda.